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Loving Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is growing nicely in the garden, her leaves shimmer in the sunlight and her bountiful oils release in the summers light breezes.
Lemon Balm is a wonderful herb for calming the nerves, bring joy to the spirit and makes a lovely sun ice tea.
I have been using Lemon Balm for frazzled nerves, young women’s emotional tears and for calming and helping with focus, for people with ADHD and ADD. Today, we will be making more Lemon Balm Glycerite–stop by and visit us.lemon balmbottled tincture

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The sweet aroma of Lemon Balm

 The last spring rains washes off the earth and welcomes in early summer,the air is fresh with  wondrous smells. One of my favorites is Lemon Balm. The Lemon Balm sits at the corner of my garden it starts growing and multiplying very quickly. The new leaves shone a fresh light green, as the older leaves shine in a deep bright  green with deeply lined vanes in the leaves. Each morning the clump of lemon balm gets bigger and bigger. I harvest as much as I can each morning to keep up with it’s growth.Image

I adore lemon balm in summer’s iced tea, in sun tea by it self or sharing the pitcher with lemon grass and lemon verbena. This is such a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day.

But did you know Lemon Balm has holds many calming abilities, as an herbalist we call it a nervine. To my clients it is a great way to relax, take the edge off and slow down a mind that is filled with anxiety.

Lemon Balm is also wonderful for children, it is now being used with children with ADHD and ADD along with children having mild anxiety problems. The lemon Balm is infused in glycerine and taking a few drops under the tongue can calm anxiety, help induce sleep, calm a restless mind,but it can also help with mental clarity and balance.

Lemon Balm glycerite or lemon balm tea is easy to make and easy to use. Children love the lemony flavor.

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