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In the wee hours of the morn’

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When does your creative “spark” ignite, when do ideas come into your brain,do they light a bright light bulb or is just a glimmer of an idea when a new idea is born?

I have always woke up in the morning with these “bright light bulb idea” as if I was working on them all night long. This morning like other mornings at 4:58 am, I awoke with inspiration and ideas! Labels, labels, and more label ideas for new products. I couldn’t help myself but get up and get to the computer- to creating!

It is now 6:10am and I have new labels, new product ideas and a bright start to this new day. Yes, before the sun arose- I was up and working!

Where does your creativity come from? How will you invoke it into your “new” day! Stop by the shop today and see what idea’s made me jump out of bed this morning!!Our new” Flora herbal tea”!


Author: spirit2soleconnection

Reflexologist, Herbalist, Reiki, Medical Intuitive, Herbal shop owner, Master Teacher. I am the Psychic that heals the Psychics

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